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Alzameli Legal Services is a paralegal firm aimed at representing the public in matters related to Landlord & Tenant, Immigration, Small Claims Court and Human Rights. The firm offers several rates based on factors such as frequency of the clients and referral by other clients. Our aim is to provide quality legal services with the goal of being an accessible bridge between the law and the public.

At Alzameli Legal Services we provide legal services to the Ottawa community. The mission of Alzameli Legal Services is to set and maintain the high standard of quality in everything we do and to earn the trust of our clients. We will achieve this by maintaining core Canadian values that brings us closer together to the community that we are trying to help. We will also ensure that our clients have a better understanding of their legal issues.

Bilingual: Our firm prides itself on making our services available to as many people as possible. To make this possible, our firm provides legal services in three languages that include: English, Persian and Arabic.