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Small Claims Services

Small Claims Court is where one can sue for money or the return of personal property valued up to $35,000, not including interest and costs. Hiring a paralegal is a more affordable way of handling your matter in Small Claims Court, an area we specialize in at Alzameli Legal Services.

A lawsuit in Small Claims Court is called a claim and must be made for either money owed under an agreement such as unpaid accounts for goods and services, unpaid loans, unpaid rent and non-sufficient cheques or for damages such as property damage, personal injuries, and breach of contract.


Starting January 1, 2020, the Small Claims Court limit was increased from $25,000 to $35,000. Claims filed in the Superior Court for $35,000 or less before January 2020 may be transferred to Small Claims Court if the parties agree or the court makes a transfer order.If you wish to proceed with a claim for more than $35,000, you will have to take your case to the Superior Court of Justice (“Civil Court”). If you are looking for a representative to represent you in a claim over $35, 000, then you would have to seek representation with a lawyer as it would be outside a Paralegal’s scope of practise.

How to sue in Small Claims Court

The Plaintiff’s Claim is the document you must complete to start a small claim against an individual or business. This form must be filed with the court as well as delivered to each of the individuals or businesses you are suing. At Alzameli Legal Services we can draft the plaintiff’s claim for you and provide you with information regarding supporting evidence related to your matter. We also ensure that you are aware of any time limitations regarding your claim.

How to Reply to a lawsuit in Small Claims Court


If you are being sued in Small Claims Court and want to dispute the Plaintiff’s claim, we can help you draft your defence, serve your defence in accordance with the rules,preparing the affidavit of service, assessing your claim and filing your Defendant claim in Ottawa, Ontario. We can help you gather your supporting documents and file your defence with the Court, represent you in the settlement conference and the trial. We ensure that you meet your deadline for filling your defence to prevent you from being noted in default. If you have already been noted in default, we may still be able to assist you.


Alzameli Legal Services is a paralegal firm aimed at representing the public in matters related to Small Claims Court. We provide legal services to the Ottawa community. The mission of Alzameli Legal Services is to set and maintain a high standard of quality in everything we do and to earn the trust of our clients. At Alzameli Legal Services, we will make sure that your case will be represented in the best possible way in every step of the process before the court. We have great deal of experience in representing individuals and businesses at Small Claims Court. If you are thinking to commence a lawsuit in Small Claims Court Ottawa, filling your Plaintiff claim in Ottawa or replying to a lawsuit in Small Claims Court, you may give us call to book your 30-minute consultation.

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